Fine art and much more!


The Fine Arts Building is more than just a fine arts complex – it's a community of creatives of many disciplines, including bookstores, music, literature, dance wellness, and much more. Tour the Fine Arts Building on the evening of the Second Friday of each month to get inspired, shop, attend classes, and connect.


Greg Morrissey Art

Greg’s paintings are on display in Studio 627. They paint a picture of living in an urban metropolis. They focus on the architecture, as well as the emotional alienation of living in a big city.


Robin Malpass Art

Robin creates her unique artwork in Studio 621 of the Fine Arts Building. She works with acrylics, natural composites, and repurposed glass on canvas to create elegant abstracts by using credit cards in lieu of brushes or palette knives. Learn more at

L. H. Selmann Paperweights

Peruse our glass sculpture, Studio 207, to find everything from casual gifts to museum quality artworks, ranging from the antique to the contemporary. Handmade worlds that you can hold in your hand.

Catherine Keebler Art

Fine artist Catherine Keebler creates encaustic monotypes and ink drawings in Studio 418. Water-based inks and pigmented beeswax on Asian papers are her preferred media.