2nd Floor Art Gallery

The Art Gallery on the Second Floor of the Fine Arts Building has been exhibiting artwork for many years. This page is a partial history of the exhibits. Please direct enquiries to fineartsbuildingstudios@gmail.com, or contact our curator stanley@oakstreetdesign.net.

December ~ Holiday Group Exhibit featuring the artwork from members of Fine Arts Building Studios
November ~ Space Series featuring the mixed media artwork of Christine Bishop
October ~ Painting Exhibit featuring the artwork of Kevin Moeller
September ~ Paperweight Exhibit featuring the art glass of L. H. Selman Fine Glass Paperweights
June/July/August ~ Summer Fun Group Show, featuring artwork by artists in the Fine Arts Building
April/May ~ Springtime for Art Group Show featuring artwork by students of the School of the Art Institute
February/March ~ Go Figure Group Show

December ~ Holiday Group Exhibit
November ~ The Paintings of Christine Bishop
August ~ Paintings by Tracee Badway
July ~ Inspiration Art by Debra Turner, Fluid Painting, Photography, Floral Design and Interior Designs
May/June ~ Preserving the Ephemeral Paper and Encaustic Constructions by Karen Tichy
March/April ~ Women in Art in Celebration of Women’s History Month
February ~ China: Red Doors Busy Streets by Julie Bertoletti
January ~ The Art of Resistance Group Show

End of Year ~ One Work Wonders Exhibition
September ~ Celebrate the Paperweight Exhibition and Installation
August ~ Arts XIII, Collected Works of Chicago Park Youth
July ~ An Exhibition of Digital Fine Art by Hector Borrero
May/June ~ Everything is a Meditation As Is, Photographs by Julie Bertoletti
March ~ The Art of a Bitter Pill to Swallow by Tiffany Gohlar, Book Launch and Art Show
February ~ Paintings and Sculpture by Marco Puente

December ~ Night at the Fine Arts Building Exhibition
November ~ Total Abstraction, Paintings by Rashawn Taylor, Photography by Patrice Olsen
October ~ City as Studio, Sights and Insights Group Show by Members of the Fine Arts Building Studios
September ~ Brennan and Snapper Drawings
August ~ Roman Numeral: XIV - XXI, Paintings by Serene Wise
July ~ Artists at Work Exhibition, Portraits of Artists of the Fine Arts Building and Photographs by Adam Biba
June ~ Sound Art Exhibition, Paintings by Anita Ivy Miller